Tim Crakanthorp

Tim grew up in a small town on the far South Coast of NSW. He won a scholarship to South Africa at the age of 17 where he lived for a year, a formative one where he saw great inequality and injustice during Apartheid. This motivated his quest for a fair and just society no matter where he lived.

Tim first came to Newcastle some 27 years ago when he went to University. Tim has been coming back ever since before settling, marrying and having four young Novocastrians with his wife Lara.

Tim has a Business degree and a Masters in International studies from the University of Sydney.

Tim has had a wide variety of employment experience, from cleaning out stables to working for IBM. Tim has worked: in the disability services sector; for State and Federal Politicians; for an Environmental Education Centre in Indonesia; in the private sector and for the State Government in Mine Safety.

Tim was elected to the NSW Parliament on 25 October 2014.

Tim has been a Councillor on Newcastle City Council for the last seven years and remains so. He was also up until recently a board member of Northern Settlement Services as well as the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Tim is a keen surfer and runner and likes nothing more than spending time at our beautiful city beaches.

Tim’s decision to run for Parliament again comes from a desire to see a vibrant, healthy, smart Newcastle with full employment and the creativity for which our great city is known.