Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp will again today, request that the Premier meets with residents and workers that will be affected if his planned public transport privatisation goes ahead, after a flat refusal was delivered by email late yesterday afternoon.

Mr Crakanthorp said that the Premier has now formally rejected the invite to actually listen to the
people that his surprise announcements affect.

“I have asked the Premier now on three occasions to come and talk to the people of Newcastle. He
will be here today but has refused to make time for the workers of Newcastle Transport,” said Mr Crakanthorp.

“The Premier announced his plans without any consultation. I am disappointed that he won’t make
the time to sit down with Novocastrians and ask them what they want out of their public transport.”

“First the Government sold off the port, then they sold off the pole and wires network, they are
privatising disability services and now they have decided to flog off the Newcastle’s public transport
network,” said Mr Crakanthorp.

During the 2015 election campaign, the then-Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian said that the
Baird Government had no plans beyond what it has already announced to privatise transport
services if re-elected this year.

“It would appear that Newcastle is the testing ground for experiments on the transport system.
Novocastrians have had no consultation and have been given no voice. Why does New South
Wales’ second biggest city get treated like second class citizens?” asked Mr Crakanthorp.

Mr Crakanthorp has already asked the Government about other outstanding transport issues such
as the release of the business case for the light rail and the option of extending the route outside of
the CBD.

“We need to take the time, to consult and plan the light rail route. Get it right the first time and get it

“When it comes to planning transport in Newcastle the Government has made every decision back
to front,” said Mr Crakanthorp.

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