Tim Crakanthorp fighting for Newcastle


Yesterday I was preselected as Labor’s candidate to contest the state seat of Newcastle in March 2015.

I am pleased to accept the challenge to take on the Liberals. Over the next ten months I will continue to ensure the needs of the Newcastle community are at the top of the agenda.

I want to see a vibrant, healthy, smart Newcastle where the creativity for which our city is known continues to be nurtured and developed. 

I have had 30 years of work experience across the public, private and non-government sectors: in disability services; environmental education; politics; and, over the last eight years, policy and legislation in Mine Safety for the NSW Government.

This diversity gives me a depth of experience, particularly around state issues, which provides a solid foundation in matters of significance to Newcastle. 

Having a young family has inspired me to fight for better services in health, education and transport in Newcastle; services the Liberals are systematically dismantling.

I will continue the fight for our fair share of the port sale proceeds; I will build community campaigns for balanced growth in Newcastle CBD.

By working collaboratively with all levels of Government I will achieve positive outcomes for Newcastle.

My focus through the coming months, and beyond, will be on listening to the wider community and standing up on their behalf.  

I look forward to taking on Tim Owen, Jamie Abbott, Brad Luke or whoever the Liberals put forward in the next State election. 

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