Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp is calling on the Premier to address the claims made by Greens MP, David Shoebridge that the Government is releasing a light rail project that failed expert assessment on almost all levels.

Mr Shoebridge referenced a September 2014 report, titled the ‘‘Newcastle Urban Renewaland Transport Program Stage 2 Final Business Case Urban Renewal and Light Rail Assurance Review Report.’’ In this report, the project passed only two of nine criteria that were levelled against it in an expert analysis.

It would appear that there’s been a comprehensive fail on the business case. Mr Crakanthorp has queried what it will take to get the best possible result for Newcastle. “The Premier continues to reference “world class” or “state of the art” when he discusses
his vision for transport in Newcastle, but it would appear that he would settle for a lessthan satisfactory result,” said Mr Crakanthorp.

“The report has only passed the project on two of nine criteria listed, that’s not even a pass
mark. Why is the Premier treating Newcastle like a test case, like we are second class

“We have now heard that the Premier has ignored the opinions of three experts in the field. He ignored his own Department’s advice, he ignored the former Chair of the Hunter Development Corporation, Paul Broad’s advice and now he is trying to cover up an independent review that he requested. What will it take? Who will he listen to?” asked Mr Crakanthorp.

“I am calling on the Premier to come clean to the people of Newcastle. Three separatesources of expertise can’t be wrong. Why are you dressing up a second rate option and selling it as a gold plated solution?”

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    • Joseph Brockelsby
      published this page in Media Releases 2016-01-20 14:48:12 +1100