Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Ryan Park and the Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp will be discussing the Government’s proposals for Newcastle as Mr Park visits the city today.

Mr Crakanthorp invited Mr Park to Newcastle to discuss the proposed privatisation of public transport, meet
with affected workers and question the lack of transparency for the planned light rail.

“Labor will oppose the Government’s privatisation of Newcastle’s bus, ferry and light rail network,” said Mr

“There was no mention by the Government of its privatisation plans during the election.”

“Instead of being upfront during the election, the Government kept its plans from the community before
admitting that managing an integrated transport system was too hard.”

“Tim invited me to Newcastle to see first-hand the people and the places affected by the overhauled
transport system, including where the light rail system will be placed,” said Mr Park

Mr Crakanthorp and Mr Park are also calling on the Government to release the Newcastle light rail business
case and the latest expert review report. Mr Crakanthorp has also lodged a Government Information Public
Access request for these documents.

“The Government has previously released the business cases for WestConnex and the Sydney light rail
project. Why are they not being open and transparent about the Newcastle light rail project? The
Government should be releasing this sort of detail when spending taxpayer’s money,” said Mr Crakanthorp.

“There have been three separate sources telling the Government that the light rail route down Hunter Street
is not the best outcome for Newcastle.”

“In the latest leaked expert review, the project only passed two of nine criteria listed, that’s not even a pass
mark. More importantly, it failed on the ‘value for money’ criteria,” said Mr Crakanthorp.

“Three separate sources of expertise can’t be wrong. Why are you dressing up a second rate option and
selling it as a gold plated solution? I am calling on the Premier to come clean to the people of Newcastle and
release these reports.” said Mr Crakanthorp.

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