Cr Crakanthorp says now is the time: It’s Our Town – Our Choice


With the auction for the Port of Newcastle bringing the State Government $1.75 billion, preselection candidate for the seat of Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp, believes Newcastle should receive a much greater share of the proceeds.


The Newcastle Councillor says it’s time for Newcastle to stand up for what it deserves.


“As the State Government looks to reap not just $700m but a staggering $1.7b it is time for the State Member for Newcastle Tim Owen to say this money is Newcastle and the Hunter’s money, let’s spend it on Newcastle and the Hunter. I challenge Tim Owen to say to the NSW Premier Mike Baird, this is our Port and it’s time to spend the money here.”


In February this year, Tim Crakanthorp launched the ‘Our Town – Our Choice’ campaign where he asked the O’Farrell government, with $340million to spend, “why they did not think it worthwhile to ask us what our preferences were?”

The funds could be spent on a range of long overdue and very much needed infrastructure projects, including, for starters:

  • Flood mitigation measures for Wallsend and Newcastle;
  • A major parking station on Honeysuckle;
  • Two at-grade crossings of the rail line in the CBD;
  • A commencement of the Newcastle city western bypass;
  • A solution for the Adamstown rail gate;
  • Repairing the badly decaying City Hall; and  
  • Funds to provide an aquatic centre at New Lambton

Councillor Crakanthorp believes that with $1.7b coming from the sale of our port, it is time for Newcastle to have its infrastructure projects completed. 

“These projects would have a significant economic impact on our community. The fact that the funds would be spread across a range of construction types means that a large and wide range of local businesses would benefit. This is important given that the economy is slowing in manufacturing and the mining sector.

“The projects proposed have all been put forward at various times. The parking station on Honeysuckle was a definite plan in the late nineties and then shelved. It construction will be extremely useful being close to the university' inner city site, and the new court house, and it will serve to connect Honeysuckle and hunter street at a very useful point,” concluded Cr Crakanthorp. 

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