Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp, has today called upon Premier Mike Baird and Liberal Candidate for Newcastle, Karen Howard, to come clean on their funding announcement for Renew Newcastle.

Even though the Premier and his candidate acknowledged the vital role Renew Newcastle has played in revitalising the Newcastle CBD, they still axed their support by 40%.

Previously the state government has provided $150,000 in funding to Renew Newcastle. This time they announce $120,000 but gloss over the fact that only $90,000 will be from the state government – and that will be from three departments. It is only because Newcastle City Council understands the real value of this local initiative that there is an extra $30,000 available.

“This funding cut shows just how short sighted Mike Baird and his government are. Renew Newcastle has been a driving force in the transformation of the Newcastle CDB and to cut funding at this critical time is ridiculous.”

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