Councillor says come clean on tolls


Cr Tim Crakanthorp is calling on the NSW Government to guarantee there will be no toll placed on the recently renamed M1 Pacific Motorway.

The freeway from Beresfield to Hornsby, formerly the F3, was renamed in August as part of a project which cost the government $15million.

Cr Crakanthorp is concerned for the future of the M1 now it has been renamed to match the M2, M5 and M7 all of which have toll charges.

In 2011, Infrastructure Australia, the federal infrastructure advisory body, suggested a toll on the Pacific Highway after revealing the cost of finishing the highway upgrade from Hexham to Queensland would cost around $9billion.

“This liberal state Government has already decided to cut our rail line, privatise train maintenance and has failed to implement an express train service for commuters between Newcastle and Sydney. The last thing Hunter residents need is a cash-grab toll on the M1 Pacific Motorway.”

Cr Crakanthorp says a toll would be a slap in the face for the Hunter. 

“This government takes a lot from the Hunter, about $1.5billion per annum, and it doesn’t give enough back. Hunter residents shouldn’t have to take a hit to the hip pocket to pay for this exorbitantly expensive renaming, let alone a toll in the future.”

“I want the NSW guarantee to make a firm, no-strings-attached guarantee that they will not charge Hunter residents to travel on this important road that they’ve been using for free, since a Labor government lifted the last toll in 1988”, concluded Cr Crakanthorp. 

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