Member for Newcastle Tim Crakanthorp has today spoken with the owners of local businesses the Lass O’Gowrie Hotel and Klosters Newcastle, highlighting more worried local business owners facing uncertain times ahead of the planned truncation of the Newcastle rail line.

As part of ripping up the train line the Baird Liberal government plans on permanently closing the level closing at Railway Street Wickham to make way for the Wickham Interchange.


This means the hotel’s customers will be forced to walk hundreds of metres around the rail line in order to access the hotel.


“Customers simply won’t do it. They have to walk past multiple other hotels, pubs and bottle shop to get here now and they just will not do it.”


“The impact this will have on my business is huge and the impact this will have on the safety of patrons having to walk further and in dimly lit areas is a worry,” Mr Lobb said.


Another local business who also will be badly affected is Klosters car yards.


Wayne Sharp, General Manager of Klosters, said “This closure will add at least 15 minutes to each run our delivery people make.  We have 250-300 employees who park in and around this area and will be greatly affected by this.  We have people in and out all day and customers will be the losers in the long run”, Mr Sharpe said.


“The terrible effect on not just these two businesses but all in this area are more examples of what ripping out the rail line will have on December 26.”


“The last thing I want to see is the damage this will do to local businesses like the Lass O’Gowrie or Klosters”, said Mr Crakanthorp.


“In a booming suburb like Wickham we should be looking at improving transport options not permanently closing roads and causing traffic chaos.”


“Yesterday I spoke to the owner of Tracks Café at Civic who has been told nothing about what will happen to her café once Civic Station is closed.  The only thing she knows is that her rent is going up while her income will be going down.”


“Mike Baird needs to halt his destruction of the rail line and listen to the community who want to retain this vital piece of infrastructure. I was elected to fight to retain the rail line and that is what I will do every day until the March election.” Mr Crakanthorp said.


Mr Crakanthorp will take part in the Rally for the Rail march this Sunday and will speak at the conclusion of the march at Civic Park.

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